HOUSTON Waller has been in the news a lot in recent times but for all the wrong reasons. The small community has seen its share of tragic events, such as this past Spring when a young man killed his family members. But something positive is happening at Waller High School that has a lot of people in the small community northwest of Houston cheering.

Jessica Snow, 18, is trying to become the first disabled homecoming queen that school officials can recall in recent memory.

I m up against cheerleaders, drill team members, she said giggling. Noting that she is extremely honored and feels accomplished just to be nominated.

She has Mitochondrial disease and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. The diseases cause blood-flow problems, tendon problems and require symptom management medications that amount to 22 pills a day. She said it is extremely rareforsomeoneto be stricken with bothdiseases. She contracted them two years ago even thoughthere is nogenetic history in her family.The senior honor student has overcome the trials of having 14 surgeries, including brain surgery, this summer. She and her parents said her condition is terminal. Her heart could give out at any time or a blood vessel in her brain could rupture.

It is hard to tell by looking atthe teenhow much she endures. She is upbeat and always smiling.

It s something you deal with. It s a day-to-day thing, Snow said. Strong faith and family keep her upbeat, You take it day-by-day, she said.

Because ofSnow soutlook, her classmates have nominated her to be this year s Homecoming Queen.

I m gonna cry, Snow said when asked what she would do if she won. It would be amazing.

Her father Pat will escort her onto the field.

She is a queen, said advanced placement government teacher Vicki McGuire.

If Snow does not win, they will celebrate any way, said her friend Grace Barnes. Because being nominated is an accomplishment.

Waller High s Homecoming Queen will be crowned Friday night at halftime when Waller plays Magnolia High School at Waller ISD Stadium at 7:30 p.m.

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