PARKER COUNTY -- Jake Evans was described as quiet, shy, an avid golfer, and now an admitted killer.

Earlier this week, the 17 year old was appointed an attorney. He's charged with shooting his mother and 15-year-old sister in a brutal crime that ended with a chilling 911 call. Now documents from a search warrant are providing new details about the teen.

It's a crime that shocked a small, rural Parker County town and Jake Evans admitted it all to a 911 operator.

Obviously, y'know, I'm pretty, I guess, evil, but that's... whatever, Evans told the operator.

The 911 call lasted about 20 minutes, but Jake Evans never said why he killed his mother, Jami, and younger sister, Mallory. Items taken from the home by search warrant may help reveal answers.

A search warrant affidavit lists two iPads, two iPhones, a laptop and desktop computer among the items investigators took from the Evans home.

In a police interview with Jake Evans, he admitted to recently doing web searches for the ten most evil teenagers or people. He told investigators he shot his mother and sister with a .22-caliber pistol he had stolen from his grandfather's house across the street. According to the documents, Evans also told investigators he watched the 2007 Halloween remake directed by Rob Zombie three times in the week prior to the October 3 murders.

It's weird, I wasn't even really angry with them, Jake Evans told the 911 operator. It just kinda happened. I been, kinda been planning on killing for a while now.

The operator asked whether he meant his mother and sister, or just anybody.

Pretty much anybody, the 17 year old responded.

Investigators hope a history of keystrokes and web searches from the seized phones, tablets and computers may shed light as to a motive for the violent crime.

I hate the feeling of killing someone, Evans said in that 911 call. I'm gonna be messed up.


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