JACINTO CITY, Texas A 31-year-old man was accused ofusing a small dog to lure a little girl into his home, according to Jacinto Citypolice.

Pablo Velazquez was charged with enticing a child, a third-degree felony.

Police said Velazquez had a small dog tied to a tree in his front yard on September 29 when three sisters, ages 7 to 10, came by and started petting the dog.

Velazquez came and told the girls he needed to take the dog inside, but they were all welcome to come with him.

The two older girls left, but the 7-year-old stayed behind.

When the sisters came back, they saw the front door to the home was closed. They peered through the window and saw Velazquez kissing and hugging their baby sister.

The frightened girls ran off and told an older family member.

The family ran back to the home and called police. The little girl was crying when she exited the home.

Police arrested the suspect, who they said was under the influence, and charges were filed.

Velazquez is being held without bond. ICE also placed a hold on Velazquez because it is believed he is not a legal citizen of this country.

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