ST. BERNARD PARISH Two flood victims were found dead inside their home in St. Bernard Parish Thursday night and rescuers fear there could possibly be more.

They were canvassing the flooded residential areas in Plaquemines Parish Braithwaite, both of which are right by the Mississippi River.

Braithwaite was hit hard. Homes had water up to the roof line and many have even collapsed from the pressure of the water. Still, residents were anxious to get back in to see what if anything is left.

I expect to find a mess. Something s that s not going to be repairable. There s a lot of stuff I put on the second floor. Pictures, family keepsakes that were in plastic bins. I m hoping the water floated the

plastic bins up and when the water receded they were upright. That s what I m hoping, said Larry Bartron, Braithwaite resident.

Adding to the devastation, St. Bernard deputies said they found a 1,200 pound chlorine tank in the river and feared it was leaking early Friday, but that problem has since been resolved.

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