HARRIS COUNTY, Texas An Infiniti sports sedan traveling at a high rate of speed lost control, hit a curb, and thenrolled upside down into the driveway of a west Harris County home, deputies said late Thursday.

The crash happened around 10:50 p.m. on W. Cliff Falls at Park Maple, according to the Harris County Sheriff s Office.

An early investigation indicated the driver of a black Infiniti took a curve too fast when he hit the curb, causing him to lose control. The vehicle went sideways and rolled, even hitting a parked pickup truck before it finally came to a stop upside down in a residential driveway.

The car came to a rest on homeowner Mike Berry s garage. Berry was getting ready for bed when he heard the crash outside.

We heard these brakes and this explosion, said Berry. The explosion we heard was this gentleman s vehicle crashing into the back of my pickup truck.

The West I-10 Fire Department responded to the scene to pull the driver from the car.

The paramedics had to get a board, put him on it and take him away, said Mike Berry. He was in pretty bad shape.

The driverwas transported to a Memorial-areahospital in stable condition.

Officialswere on the scene for several hours investigating and cleaning up the mess. KHOU 11 News cameras rolled as the car was flipped back onto its tires. One of the tires appeared to be a donut or spare tire, although it's not known if that was a factor in the crash.

Residents at the scene told KHOU 11 News the curve where the wreck occurred has been a problem in the past, with many homeowners calling for the installation of speed bumps and stop signs.

Berry said this was the second crash in the same spot in the less than a week.

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