In Texas, The Alamo is a combination of two words that mean a lot, but now there is a new battle brewing over those two words.

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the owner of Swig Martini Bar has applied to trademark the phrase I can t remember the Alamo.

It s clear on the application the slogan could be used on apparel, mugs, and the apparel includes t-shirts and even underwear, said Mark Loeffer of the Texas General Land Office.

Loeffer said the state already trademarked the words The Alamo , but despite that they re opposing the bar owners request saying it shames the name of the sacred site.

Regardless of our trademark we would still file the opposition because it disparages the Alamo, said Loeffer.

Many visiting the Alamo Wednesday seemed to agree with Loeffer.

I don t agree with a bar using it, or associating it with alcohol, said Jaime Perez. I think it s inappropriate.

I think people shouldn t capitalize on other people having died, said Joseph Scheirich.

Loeffer said the bar owner and his attorney have shown interest in repealing their trademark application, however as of Wednesday the USPTO showed the application was still pending.

KENS 5 couldn t reach the bar owner for comment. Regardless of the outcome of this new-age Alamo battle, the dispute itself is historical.

Our opposition to the slogan, this bar slogan, is really the first time the state has stood up legally to protect the Alamo, said Loeffer.
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