HOUSTON A man was killed by two intruders as he arrived home from work just after 5 a.m. Saturday.

Family members say Martin Franklin had just turned 52 years old and sent his only daughter off to college.

Investigators believe that two men were waiting outside and followed Franklin in. They were possibly planning to rob his southwest Houston home.

I think it s random, Michael Dale said. I don t know.

Plans took a fatal twist when the men discovered at least two houseguests inside.

Investigators say the robbers started shooting, and Franklin died. The guests escaped through a back window.

I know somebody knows what happened, Dale said. If they don t know exactly what happened, I know they know who was involved.

It is still unclear what, if anything, the robbers took. They drove away as the guests ran off.

Though neighbors say there was another recent break-in, many are now on an even more heightened alert.

Witnesses say one of the would-be robbers wore a mask; the other did not.

The Houston Police Department is investigating. No arrests have been made.

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