HOUSTON Two suspects have been arrested in the shooting of an off-duty HPD officer and a clerkTuesday night at an erotica store in northwest Houston.

The suspects'names won't be released until formal charges are filed.

It happened at a Zone D Erotica store in the 13000 block of Willowchase, around 9:40 p.m.

The wholerobbery was captured by surveillance cameras.

Police saidthefemale officerjust happened to be inside the store when a man with a gun walked in and demanded money from the clerk. Seconds later, the second suspect casually strolled in, carrying a backpack.

The first suspect went around the counter and forced the clerk to the floor at gunpoint, while the second suspect started grabbing merchandise and stuffing it into his bag.

The clerk, who asked to be called Garza because hedid not want his identity revealed, said he gave the armed man what he had but apparently, that wasn t enough.

The suspect shothim in the leg.

As soon as the officer heard the gunshot, surveillance video shows her running for the door. Police said Wednesday she was unarmed.

She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, Garza said.

The suspects followedSmithoutside to the parking lot and shot hertwice inthe shoulder.

What they did is completely wrong. Nobody deserves to get shot, Garza said.

Smithmanaged to get into her car and drive down the road to call for help.

Shewas taken to Northwest Medical Centerwhereshe was treated and later released.

The suspects, who escaped with $240 in cash and about $400 worth of merchandise,were caught Wednesday.

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