BRAZORIA COUNTY, Texas A 2-month-old boy died after his mother left the child left in a hot car.  Investigators believe it was an accident. However, prosecutors could file criminal charges.

More than heat, waves of heartache were burning people in the 7000 block of Brazoria County Road 865 Tuesday.

I ve never heard about this that a mom leaves her baby in the car for an hour, said Cinthya Ruiz, a neighbor.

We weren t expecting something like that, especially for them, said Victoria Vallejo of her neighbors, who had three children including the victim.

Vallejo was with her neighbors Sunday evening. The family was celebrating their middle child s baptism. That child s mother organized a meal. She left twice to run errands. Each time she took her 2-month-old son. The second time she came home, that mother left the boy inside a car in 90-plus degree heat. She called for help, but it was too late. 

We were just outside praying, you know, gathered in prayer waiting to get some news, Vallejo said.

Despite those prayers, the baby died less than 24 hours later.

Right now, we re basically trying to determine whether or not the mother was negligent by leaving her child in the car, said Brian Harper, the lead investigator on the case for the Brazoria County Sheriff s Office.

Investigators believe the mother s actions were an accident. However, it is up to prosecutors to decide if that accident is a crime. Some neighbors, however, think the victim s family has suffered enough.

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