CROSBY, Texas One of the teenagers accused of vandalizing Crosby ISD buses and now facing criminal charges is expressing remorse.

Nick Soza, one of the five students who cut thestem valveson 58 Crosby ISD buses as part of a senior prank, says that he never meant any harm.

The prank left more than 2,500 students without rides to school, according to officials.

All five students have been charged with criminal mischief and are being punished with an in-school suspension. Now Soza is afraid that his future as a mechanic will be hampered.

I just made a bad choice, I m willing to pay for it, I apologize, said Soza. They want to take my diploma away.

It s an emotional time for our family. Our kids have been plastered all over the news like they ve committed a crime, said April Soza, Nick s mother.

The students, their parents, lawyers and school administrators met on Friday to discuss future punishment.

April Soza says school officials want to send her child to JJAP, an alternative school.

My argument is why the school district Crosby ISD has to take it this far and send these kids to a school where you have convicted rapist, arsonist--that s not a place for these kids, said April Soza.

Nick Soza tells us he has already been accepted to universal technical institute, where he even got a scholarship.

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