SHERMAN, Texas A bizarre break-in at a Goodwill Store in Sherman is perplexing the charity and police alike.

A naked man smashed through the glass at the store early Monday morning and put on a red dress and heels. Police say that's just one of the unusual things the man did that night.

The crime is an expensive one for the Sherman charity. This is the same store hit multiple times by thieves around Christmas.

Sherman police and Goodwill workers say it's one of the most bizarre things they've ever seen caught on tape. The man in the video is now in the Grayson County jail charged with three different crimes.

When Goodwill employees looked at their surveillance tape, they couldn't believe what they saw: A man, bleeding, wearing a dress and carrying a purse.

It just makes you wonder what the heck somebody can do, said Bill Williams, Goodwill's operations director. Just for one person to tear up what he tore up... it kind of looked like a war zone in here.

Sherman police identified the intruder as 33-year-old Adam Mabery, who broke through the glass window of a nearby motel, then cut himself on the head and arm.

They say Mabery walked down Texoma Parkway to the Goodwill store, broke in, then went on a rampage splattering blood on everything.

We had eight barrels of donations that hadn't been processed yet. And every one of those had to be thrown out, said Lisa Gann, a Goodwill spokeswoman.

The strange burglary hit Goodwill hard, at a time when donations are down.

In December, they showed us another surveillance tape of thieves stealing donated clothing. But Monday's theft was costly in other ways.

Goodwill spent $8,000 for a hazardous materials crew to clean up the blood. Glass counters, carpeting and the front door must all be replaced.

The total estimated damage: $30,000.

Any damage like this really hurts us, Gann said.

Mabery is a convicted sex offender from Houston who recently got out of prison and moved to Sherman. In addition to burglary and criminal mischief charges, he's also facing charges for failing to register as a sex offender in North Texas.


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