HOUSTON There were many questions being raised Friday night about security screenings at Bush Intercontinental Airport after a Magnolia man claims he accidentally carried his handgun onto an airplane.

Huge mistake for them huge mistake for me, absolutely unintentional, but did it happen. Yes it did, said businessman Steven Burditt.

Burditt said he forgot his gun was tucked away in the briefcase he carried onto a flight to Argentina. Burditt said he put the gun in that briefcase about a week before his business trip.

Again, how it was able to go through Houston I don t know. I m sure they will go back and investigate and try to correct that, he said.

Security agents at the Buenos Aires Airport arrested Burditt when he tried to return to Houston. Agents also found ammunition and pepper spray.

Burditt said it was tucked away in a pocket in his large bag-style briefcase, and he had no idea it was there.

Some travelers worried, what other prohibited items could be getting through Bush s screening process.

It s frightening, especially with all the changes I went through with the bobby pins in my hair ... they put me through the extra screening, said Geraldine Hickman.

The TSA said it is investigating. The agency said it is trying to determine if any agents were responsible for missing the gun.

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