FORT BEND COUNTY-- As most Fort Bend ISD students returned to the classroom Monday, one teenager said she won t go back because she s afraid of harassment that the school has not addressed.

She sat at home hiding her face while revealing her fears, three days after the start of school.

I would be dead if I go back to that school, said the 15-year-old student who did not want to be identified.

The girl attends Thurgood Marshall High School near Missouri City, and said suspected gang members began tormenting her last semester.

They make you chose sides and threaten to beat you up if you refuse to join them, she said.

She said she complained to school administrators and that nothing was done. At the end of last semester, her guardian applied for a general student transfer, but the district turned down the request.

They dismissed us like none of this mattered, said Diane Harris, the victim s guardian and grandmother.

A Fort Bend ISD spokesperson said the district couldn t reveal a lot of information because of the ages of the people involved. The spokesperson also said officials were aware of the allegations and were actively investigating the matter.

In the meantime, the victim said she has no plans to return to Marshall.

I m scared and I hate that school, she said.

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