HOUSTON On Thursday, two students were hospitalized after a brawl at Dekaney High School. But on Friday, things were calmer at the Spring ISD campus.

There was a larger police presence, and the district promised it was trying to get to the bottom of the riot, which one student recorded on his cell phone camera.

Witnesses said the whole thing lasted about 30 minutes and included several fights between students. Those students then fought back against teachers who were trying to break it up.

Two students had to go to the hospital after things calmed down reportedly because of injuries they suffered when a glass display case shattered.

One parent told KHOU 11 News he hoped the incident would be a learning experience.

Kids are gonna be kids. Sometimes we blow things out of proportion when there s a fight or whatever. We used to have fights all the time when I came up in school, and when we had fights, we learned how to get along even better, Dekaney parent Herschel Smith said.

But other parents were outraged.

They said brawls like Thursday s weren t the kind of learning experience they signed their kids up for, adding that there have been three such fights in as many weeks.

Students told KHOU 11 News they were upset about the riot.

The students started fighting the teachers. People were getting pepper-sprayed. It was sad. It was really sad, student Shanequea McWhorter said.

It s not safe. I be scared to come to school sometimes. It s not safe, student Amber Penney said.

This is a good school it s just bad kids. I think if you remove the bad kids, it would be a better school, student Jadreon Robinson said.

Spring ISD officials would only say that they were still investigating what happened, trying to figure out who to blame for all the chaos and who to punish or expel.

District officials said once they sort it out, the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

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