HOUSTON -- Houston police chief Charles McClelland says a surveillance video depicting former HPD officers beating a teenage burglary suspect has made it harder for police to do their jobs.

During a news conference Thursday, McClleland said officers have told him the video has caused tensions to rise between the city's people and its police.

The surveillance video in question shows several officers beating and kicking burglary suspect Chad Holley after a brief chase. Seven officers were fired after the incident and four face charges.

McCllelan urged people to calm down their rhetoric.

Officers are telling me that they are being provoked even when they are writing a simple traffic ticket, said McClellan. People jumping out with with cell phone cameras, scanning their badge numbers and name tags. I've asked them to remain calm and treat people with respect and dignity. But yes, this retoric can give someone a free pass to assault an officer or kill an officer and I'm not going to let that happen.

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