HOUSTON -- Moira Ann Newman worked at Langham Creek High School in Northwest Harris County as a bookkeeper for just seven months back in 2008. She resigned two weeks after school staff allegedly found tens of thousands of dollars of school funds stashed away in her office.

On Monday, Newman appeared in a Harris County District Court, charged with mishandling those funds.

According to court documents, an associate principal and secretary were searching in Newman's office for some paperwork. That's when they allegedly found large sums of cash, checks and money orders hidden throughout the office. Prosecutors said that money should have been deposited in the district s bank accounts.

About $173,000 was allegedly found in Newman s office. Prosecutors said nearly $32,000 more is still missing.

In all, Newman stands accused of mishandling more than $200,000 in school funds.

Prosecutors said she had financial problems -- like a foreclosed home, a repossessed car and an overdrawn bank account.

Langham Creek High School students said that money could have bought anything from notebook paper to new water fountains.

That money could go to good use as far as having more cameras in video tech (class), said Brandon Edwards, a Langham Creek High School junior.

I think everybody would like free money, but it's not right when all these kids are out here and they need an education, said David Corleone, another junior at Langham Creek.

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