HOUSTON A local wedding photographer has a number of clients singing the wedding-day blues, and experts cautioning couples to do their research before signing on the dotted line.

We ve learned our lesson the hard way, said Stacy Maisono, who s still waiting for her wedding album nearly five years after reciting her vows.

Maisono got married in March of 2006. The ceremony was photographed by Houston-based wedding photographer Krista Kalfus, the owner of K4 Photography.

Maisono said Kalfus promised to deliver a wedding album within three months.

But three months became a year and a half, and now it s been almost five, said Maisono.

Maisono took Kalfus to small-claims court and won a $3,500 judgment. But she insisted she could care less about the money.

It s the memories of our wedding, that we ll never get back, that matters the most, said Maisono.

Houston s Better Business Bureau monitors companies like K4 Photography, which has been rated F by the BBB. Dozens of clients have lodged complaints, many of which remain unanswered, according to BBB officials.

I think we have someone who thinks they re an artist, said BBB President Dan Parsons. And maybe they are, but they re not a good business person.

Parsons also criticized the wedding vendor industry, which he said, for the most part, remains unregulated.

You don t have a regulatory agency in Austin, and you don t have a congressional group, said Parsons.
Satish Kodukula said he and his wife waited a year and a half for a wedding album K4 promised to deliver within six months.

All we wanted in the beginning was some sort of response to say she was working on it, said Kodukula. But she never responded to any of our phone calls or emails.

11 News wanted to talk to Kalfus about the complaints lodged against her company. Kalfus turned down multiple requests for an interview, but blamed most of the problems on an assistant who no longer works for the company.

Experts said couples need to be well informed, by checking websites like the Better Business Bureau to get the latest information.

The good news is there s a lot of vendors and a lot of good deals, said Parsons. But if you think the homework is over just because the date s approaching, you re wrong.

In the meantime, Maisono said she just wants what is rightfully hers.

It s frustrating, disappointing and heartbreaking, she said.

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