HOUSTON -- What started as a controlled scrimmage between Clear Springs and Spring High last weekend quickly got out of control as more than 50 players rushed the field and several threw punches.

Tempers flare and in a scrimmage setting there is not the same sort of situation as far as refs, said Clint Hartman, head coach for Clear Springs High School.

Hartman said it started simply.

Late hit. Them trying to protect themselves and then us trying to protect ourselves. Kids made bad choices, he said.

The video was posted toYouTube and forwarded to several news organizations, but it has now been removed.

It had kids talking in Spring.

People was like talking about it, but at the same time it was stupid. The team was fighting over nothing, said Joseph Anderson, a Spring High student.

Spring ISD refused to answer questions on camera but released a statement that said appropriate discipline was being taken.

The district would not say what the discipline entailed.

Even though it may be ordinary someplace else, it is not going to become ordinary here. Even though not everybody got involved, they made a choice to get involved by stepping on the field, Hartman said.

The entire team is getting a week of character development training and football punishment, he said.

We are going to have some extracurricular running. We'll be a little tired after practice. We don't condone it. In everything I believe that we like to find a way there is a teachable moment, Hartman said.

No one was hurt in the brawl.

Hartman emphasized that the video, which was two minutes long, did not tell the whole story.

I would like to say that for the next hour and a half there was not a penalty, there was not a late hit. And at the end of the game we shook hands there was good sportsmanship, he said.

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