Hilmar G. Moore, one tough Texas mayor
Oct. 30, 2008

RICHMOND, Texas --- The Fort Bend town of Richmond started out as a farming community, now it is a suburban community.

There have been a lot of changes there, but there is one constant.

In 1949, Richmond got a new mayor and today, 59 years later, is still the Mayor.

"If people knew what little I do, they may change," said Moore.

More is a bit of a wisecrack.

He is 88-years-old, has won 29 straight mayoral elections and is not afraid to speak his mind.

"I love trying to solve things, I think I can do anything," said Mayor Moore.

"You ought to be willing to do the best you can for the community, or keep your mouth shut. I am not going to keep my mouth shut," he said.

Moore says he never forgot he serves at the pleasure of the people and has been blessed to work with good people.

In the local barbershop, he told 11 News that Richmond has never had term limits.

Not only has Moore won every election, but no one has even come close to beating him.

Some speculate that his name may be the reason for that.

You see, Mayor Moore's father, John Moore Jr., was mayor of Richmond, his grandfather, John M. Moore, was a congressman and the home he built in 1883 is now a museum. It sits three blocks from city hall.

Some constituents believe it was Moore's straight talk and drive that won him their admiration.

Already, a small statue of Moore sits inside the local barber shop and a life sized statue of the mayor was placed next to city hall Friday afternoon.

"I thought it was for dead people, I may look dead, but I am not," said Mayor Moore.

Hilmar Moore is very much alive and says that he plans to run again in 2010.

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