KINGWOOD, Texas -- Lone Star College is offering a first of its kind class at the Kingwood location in response to crime in the Houston area.

I think one of the most important is raising your level of confidence, said Diane Blanco, director of the Women's Center in Kingwood.

With robberies, carjackings and burglaries happening every day, the community college is offering a self-defense class for women over the age of 14.

I feel like as a female you can never be too careful, said Jen Driskill.

She signed up for the class after seeing a flyer at her gym.

This 8-hour class, broken down into four 2-hour sessions, offers moves to help fend off an attacker when you're in public and at home.

The instructor is Chris Martin.

Martin says find items in every room that could be used like a frying pan, broom or even hairspray.

No matter what item you choose to use, Martin say practicing is the key.

If you're gonna use hairspray, put a paper target up can you get that into their eyes not just spray anywhere, he said. If you're in the kitchen, grab your heaviest frying pan. That's a great club and beating device.

Basic self-defense moves can help too and Aglaet Rosado is practicing. She's a grandmother who was carjacked at gunpoint and had no training.

I just froze like the instructor told us awhile ago because I wasn't ready for action, she admitted. I see so many cases where good people are being taken advantage of because they can't defend themselves and they don't know any better.

No attacker likes when you put up a fight and Martin says that's exactly what you'll be trained to do in the class.

The next course is scheduled to start on September 25th 2014 and will continue for 3 more Thursdays from 6:30p-8:30p at the Kingwood campus.

For more information, you can call the Women's Center at 281-312-1660 or e-mail

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