HOUSTON Police say a quick-thinking grandma was able to stop a man taking pictures of her granddaughter in the dressing room of a popular Galleria store.
Investigators arrested Daniel Nicholas Rodriguez, 28, and charged him with improper photography.
Police say the teen was trying on clothes in the Forever 21 dressing room when she heard a camera click. She looked down and noticed a manholding a cell phone underneath the partition.
The 14-year-old screamed and her grandmother came running into the dressing room.
She opened the changingroom next door and caught Rodriguez with his phone, police said.
The woman grabbed thecell phone and yelled for security. Rodriguez pleaded with her to return the phone and said that his phone s picture gallery was clear.
Heclaimed he was taking pictures of himself trying on a new pair of pants.
When forensic investigators looked at hiscell phone s memory, they say they found four deleted images of the victim.
Other shoppers at the Galleria were happy to hear Rodriguez is in custody.
That s sick. What kind of person would do that? asked shopperSara Katami. No girl should have to go through that.
Rodriguez, a citizen ofGuatemala, is being held on a $35,000 bond.

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