SOUTHHOUSTON Surveillance video shows a car that appears to be on fire as it slams into a dealership along Spencer Highway at Fifth Street Wednesday night.

Sounded like an explosion, real bad, witness Sonia Scarborough said. Neighbors said the car was so loud, they heard the roar of its engine as it sped towards JMS Auto Sales.

It sounded like rolling thunder, neighbor Michael Borrego said. I thought we were going to have another rain storm. But there weren t any clouds in the sky.

No one could believe that one sedan could total seven cars, knock down two power poles and spread so much trash all over the block.

But even more surprising to some, was that the driver got out and ran off. Police caught up with him a few blocks away near his home. Back at the lot, workers worried the bad crash still won t stop frequent speeders.

They race, said Jose Sandoval, owner of JMS Auto Sales. People race on weekends and sometimes at night.

It is not yet clear whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. Police say the driver will be charged.


Photos: Crash damages SUVs at auto sales lot

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