HOUSTON -- A northeast Harris County man was badly wounded Wednesday after he was shot by his longtime neighbor after an argument over a loud car radio.

Harris County Sheriff s deputies were at the Meadows on Blue Bell Apartments, located at 1400 Blue Bell, twice Wednesday just 10 minutes apart around noon.

The first time they came out was because of a loud radio in a maroon Hyundai. The second time they came was because of gunfire.

I m going up there, that [expletive] [expletive], said resident Nehemiah Johnson.

It was clear 21-year-old Mark Pacheco was mad.

I just feel trouble was coming man, said Johnson. I got the hell around the corner.

Moments earlier the young man who lives in 701 had called police to complain about Pacheco s loud radio in his car. Harold Hurst, who works at the apartment complex was outside.

After police left he (Pacheco) came back and tried to run in that man s house, said Hurst.

When Pacheco tried to kick in the door, that man inside fired.

I still have some blood on me, said Hurst. It blew a hole through his knee. It was just holding on with a piece of skin. The muscle down here, it blew all that off and got a few pellets right through here

Speaking in Spanish, Pacheco s mother - who doesn t want her name used - said her son and the shooter have known each other since they were 10, playing Broncos football and going to school together.

She said her son was shot three times, and while she admits he has a temper, said he was unarmed. She adds this is no way to solve problems, but they are men.

She said he was upset before Wednesday's shooting because he believed key marks on his car were made by his neighbor, the shooter.

For now, deputies are calling that shooter the victim, because he was apparently trying to defend himself.

Pacheco was at Ben Taub Hospital in undetermined condition.

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