ATLANTA -- She has a flair for language and theater and is a newly-minted member of Mensa International, which means 6-year-old Eden Mew is more intelligent than 98 percent of the rest of humanity.

Everyone learns at their own pace and everyone has a special gift. I guess mine is reading, said Eden.

Mind blown.

I have that reaction many times a day with her, said Thomas Mew, her father.

I think she's interested in making sure language is precise, Mew said. So if you use an analogy that's not quite right, she's liable to tweak you on it.

Eden has begun lessons in French. Though she enjoys it, she says sometimes it's frustrating.

She also wrote and directed her own play this year, a revised version of Little Red Riding Hood. She likes Guys and Dolls, and Rodgers and Hammerstein. She was asked if she'd rather visit Oklahoma or France. Oklahoma! she exclaimed.

I'd rather go there because they speak English there and I m not very good at French.

Eden Mew will take her Mensa credentials to first grade this fall.

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