CONROE, Texas A gas station in Conroe was taken over by a group of gun toting men.

The robbery took less than three minutes, but it was enough time to terrorize customers and beat up employees before getting away.

Just before 9:30 p.m., three men stormed into the Fuel Maxx store with their faces covered wielding guns and demanding cash.

I was in the cooler, next thing I know they dragged me out, said one employee. He just throwed me on the floor.

The Fuel Maxx employee was kicked over and over again.

I d rather take the hit than getting shot, said the employee.

The same suspect pistol whipped a customer, and another suspect wrestled another customer down to the ground just as she walked in.

The three suspects ran out the door with cash, phones and other goods. The violent crime didn t last long but left a lasting impression.

The Fuel Maxx employee picked up his last check Tuesday. He said he s done working late nights in convenience stores.

I stayed a little traumatized, said the former employee.

The three men are still on the run. If you have any information, you re asked to call the Montgomery County Sheriff s Department at (936) 760-5800.

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