NEEDVILLE, Texas -- There is only one road into and out of the Terra Grande subdivision west of Needville and that road is now a river, stranding residents on either side of the great divide.

There are farms, ranches and stables out here so show horse Prinicipe was giving lifts to wayward reporters. His trainer, Mario Gomez said in Spanish, the high water is only dangerous for cars, not for horses.

He is right. A motorist learned that the hard way this morning.

They got about halfway across, said 15-year resident Ron Mraz. They had to tow him out.

Neighbors say this has happened before, so folks have stocked up with supplies for three or four days.

In the old days there used to be a bridge, said Mraz. It got washed out.

Scott Peters and his young son are riding it out.

My wife and son left last time, the fire department got them out, said Peters. They got a boat, came in with a boat.

So did Alberto Barajas who came to check on his animals.

Somebody brought me on a boat, so maybe I catch the next boat, said Barajas.

Maybe we should ve done the same. Our journey back across the river with Principe was a rougher ride than the one out, as the horse turned sideways, fighting the water and his extra passenger.

The Fort Bend County of Emergency Management is alerting residents to be on stand by in case forecast rains Saturday cause worse flooding and they need to evacuate.

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