HUMBLE, Texas -- Betty and Jesse Perez don t live on the water but that s the way it seems.

I feel like I m in a houseboat, said Betty Perez.

If you just look over the deck, the water is just coming out from under you, said Jesse Perez. It s just like a flowing river.

Water is flowing all around their home near Humble. It s escaping over the banks of the San Jacinto River, forcing some homeowners in the Northshore Subdivision to move out.

The water is coming up so we re trying to get everything out, said one homeowner. We cleared out the yard first and then all the cars, he added.

The Shedd family cleared out all of their livestock, moving three horses and ten hogs to higher ground.

That left them with a little time to water-ski down the street. But the fun did not come without worry.

We ve had the water pretty high out here before, said Joey Shedd while gesturing to a flag hanging from a telephone pole marking where flood waters crested in 1994.

If that were to happen again, we would completely flood out and have to start from scratch.

For some families, it s a routine they ve gone through before. The Perez s just moved in 5 months ago.

They told us the last flood was three years ago so we just were hoping that there wouldn t be any flooding any time soon, said Betty.

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