At its best, Texas barbecue is beef, smoked s-l-o-w-l-y over dense, local wood.

We have a lot of oak. A lot of pecan. Lot of hickory. The fire wood. The denser wood that burns real hot and real slowly, said Eric Perry, a pit master at Lockhart Smokehouse in Dallas.

There s so much flavor, no sauce is needed.

Unfortunately, no one told travel site TripAdvisor.

It just published a list of the best barbecue states in America. Texas ranked third behind Georgia and North Carolina barbecue.

Highly suspect! Is there any legitimate list where Texas would not be No. 1?

Well, of course not, said Daniel Vaughn, a Texas Monthly editor who has eaten at more than 500 barbecue joints. They didn t go out and taste barbecue across the country. They didn t do any research. They just took the votes from their readers.

Vaughn is the most respected voice on barbecue in the state... maybe the country.

Feeling snubbed, fellow Texans, that Georgia is number one? Hold it. Right there.

Meet Dustin Moody. He s a barbecue blogger. And on Tuesday, he just happened to be at Lockhart Smokehouse, too. And guess what?

He s from Georgia the state which finished first in the TripAdvisor survey.

It s one of the more bogus lists I ve seen, Moody said over a plate of smoked meat. Texas is still No. 1 for me.


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