DALLAS He was a star basketball player on two state championship teams at Dallas Madison High School. Now Jonathan Turner is in jail, accused of killing his roommate.

But witnesses said Turner never intended to kill his friend, and never fled the scene. So why is he being held in jail on $500,000 bond?

Police suggest that adult witnesses and the two teens involved in the fight have conspired to cover-up what happened that night of March 23, 2014.

But those witnesses are sticking to their story. One of them is next-door neighbor Charlene West.

They all played together; they all went out to eat together; they went to games together; they were like three brothers, she said.

West said she is still in disbelief that the two polite teens who lived next door are no longer there.

Troy Causey, an all-district basketball player for Wilmer Hutchins High School, is dead and his roommate, a star player for James Madison High School, is charged with his murder.

Both were fighting in the middle of the street after a disagreement over a video game when something terrible happened.

Troy threw a punch; the other kid [Causey] threw a punch, West said. Troy fell and made the attempt to get up. The other two [Turner and another teen] walked off, and that was it.

But that was not it.

Causey suffered a traumatic blow to the head that police now believe was not an accident but deliberate.

According to the arrest affidavit, the victim's ...skull fracture could not have been caused by Causey striking the ground, but from blunt force trauma...

Police believe ...another person joined in kicking Causey on the head... while he was down.

Police have not arrested that other person believed to be a friend of both boys. But West said the police are simply wrong.

Nobody kicked anybody; no one had anything in their hands, she said.

West's story is backed up by another witness who asked not to be identified.

No one kicked Troy. No one kicked him. No one hit Troy with anything or anything like that, the witness said.

According to the arrest affidavit, the witness statements do not match with the evidence. But there's no disputing that the tragedy has forever devastated the young lives of two former basketball stars and friends.

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