DICKINSON--In just five short years, Claire Lankford taught lessons, inspired people and moved an entire community.

God always has a plan, said Christie Faber. She did have a very impactful five years.

For much of that time, Claire was engaged in a battle. She fought a rare, incurable form of cancer. Early this year, doctors gave her just a few months to live.

But Claire never stopped laughing and loving.

In February, hundreds of people in Dickinson took part in a surprise parade for the little girl who dreamt of being Cinderella one day. They called it Princess Claire day.

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Lea Blankenship and her 3-year-old daughter were in the crowd. They didn t know Claire personally, but were aware of her story.

A lot of people don t believe the community will stick together no matter what, said Blankenship. But when it comes down right to it, we do.

Claire passed away peacefully over the weekend, surrounding by loved ones.

Her viewing and funeral will be private affairs.

She ll be laid to rest on Thursday.

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