HOUSTON Conroe police are issuing a warning to consumers after a skimming device was found at a gas station.

Conroe police said they were notified last Thursday about the potential scam at the Shell Gas Station/Quick Stuff store located in the 1300 block of League Line Road.

A technician found a piggy back device installed while conducting routine maintenance on the gas pump s electronic equipment, police said. The technician opened the door to the electronic components for the credit/debit card reader and found the device, which appeared to be homemade and used for the purpose of skimming information from customers debit/credit cards.

Following the discovery, all pumps at the location were checked and the skimming device was found on pumps No. 7 and No. 8, police said.

Investigators said the device was installed on the equipment sometime between April 20 and May 1, 2014.

Conroe police are advising customers to monitor their bank account and credit history regularly to check for fraudulent activity.

Anyone who finds their credit/debit cards compromised may contact the law enforcement jurisdiction where they reside or the law enforcement jurisdiction where the fraudulent activity took place, Conroe police said.

Last week, Pearland police said they were looking for a man who was installing skimming devices at gas pumps. Investigators said there have been at least two dozen people victimized, and there may be more out there.

The Better Business Bureau suggests either paying with cash or going inside to pay with your card. Also, look for gas stations that use tamper-evident stickers on the fuel pump. If it is ripped, a void message appears on the label.

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