MCCANDLESS, Pa. - Child welfare officials are reviewing the case of a Pennsylvania woman accused of drowning her son and critically injuring another by sitting on them in a bathtub.

State Department of Public Welfare spokeswoman Kait Gillis says agency officials will try to determine if child protection agencies could have prevented the drowning.

Gillis says Allegheny County s Office of Children, Youth and Families also has 90 days to file a fatality report on Tuesday s death of 3-year-old Luke Schlemmer.

The McCandless boy s mother is jailed on homicide and other charges accusing her of killing him and tried to kill his brother, 6-year-old Daniel, at their McCandless home. Daniel is in critical condition.

Last year, the woman backed into the boys with a van. Gillis says officials concluded it was an accident.
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