HOUSTON - Police said two men were taken into custody early Tuesday following a possible attempted break-in at a southeast Houston bar.

Employees at Beamer's Place on Beamer Road said they heard a noise in the back around 3 a.m. and the power went out shortly after. A bartender and the bar owner went out the front as two suspects left the scene in a small pickup.

The two workers got in their car and followed the men.

They were going the wrong way down Beamer here, they were on the other side doing over a hundred miles an hour, said Candy, a bartender. At one point they stopped and threatened us if we followed them they were going to shoot us.

Despite the threats, the owner and his bartender followed the suspects until police arrived.

He s tired of people taking advantage of situations like this, breaking in, and just getting away with this crap, said Candy.

Eventually the suspects went into a ditch on Intervale and Clearwood. Police caught the men as they attempted to run away on foot.

Police said the driver was arrested for driving with a suspended license, and the passenger was arrested on local warrants.

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