HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- The family of a 21-year-old who shot and killed one intruder and wounded another is shedding more light on an attempted robbery.

The young man says he was awoken by some loud noises at the door just before 1 p.m. Friday.

He went to check it out and claims two strange men were kicking in the door at the complex on Dominion Park Drive near Airtex.

The resident fired numerous shots right then and there. One of the suspects died at the bottom of the apartment complex stairwell, and the other one got away.

He says, 'Dad I m scared. I m nervous. I didn t know who these guys was.' He thought it was his brother playing tricks, knocking on the door, said Robert Jones, who happens to be a preacher at St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church in Humble.

Jones said his son is a church going man and doesn t go looking for trouble.

He s not sure of a motive but told KHOU the intruders brought a gun of their own and items that can be used to restrain someone.

What they re not telling you is that these guys came prepared to rob my son. They had duct tape. They had hand ties. They had tool boxes, said Jones. I hate the fact that somebody s child got shot, but it could have been my son.

Friends of Jones son and neighbors said the 21-year-old had recently been threatened on social media.

They put a post on Instagram saying they knew who the father was so they d be looking for the son, explained Gakayla Render. The post was a picture of his father.

Render believes the preacher s son doesn t know the criminals, but she s convinced they knew him.

You see this kid and he s living here. He s well dressed. He s well taken care of. When you see him with his friends, they re the same, said Render. You have other young guys who see that, and they re envious. They want that. They want to be a part of that, or they want to have that.

Harris County Sherriff s Office told KHOU a man showed up at an area hospital with a gunshot wound shortly after the shooting. It s not confirmed if that is the suspect who got away.

Neighbors also claim there was a third suspect driving the getaway car.

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