AUSTIN, Texas -- A Liberty Hill High School senior was among those injured Thursday morning when a man accused of drunk driving ran into a crowd of people waiting to attend a performance at South bySouthwest.

Today, one of the teen's favorite bands, Jared and the Mill, visited her at St.David's MedicalCenter to bring songs and smiles to her and her family.

When Jared contacted us and said can we come it was like this is going to be a huge healing factor for her. We're blessed for sure, said Endres' father Dan.

Endres was among the dozens hit by a speeding car on Red River during South By Southwest.

She suffered a broken femur, nose, shattered a vertebre in her neck and damaged an artery in her leg.

I don't remember the accident I don't remember the ER, I don't remember any of that which is kind of a blessing, Mason Endres said.

Endres and the band became friends through social media. She'd talked to some of the band members right before she was hit.

I tweeted her and I was like Mason please tell me you're OK I need to know everything's all right, band member Jared Kolesar said.

Her friends sent him a message -- that Mason was critically injured, and upset she could't watch them perform.

Kolesar said since Endres had missed their show, they wanted to bring the show to her bedside.

It's just as much a treat for us as it is for anybody else to come in and play for someone who really loves our music, Kolesar said.

I felt so great today, like I think just the pure excitement of everything has gotten me through today. I felt better than I ever imagined I could feel in the hospital, Endres said.

Doctors say this is the right medicine to bring a smile to Mason's face, and the perfect soundtrack for her journey on the long road to recovery.

She's gone through a few surgeries since she's been here and this is just a great uplifting thing to have, to get her going get her back on the right track, said Dr.AnnBuchanan.

Mason and her family say they're done thinking about what could have happened -- and want to concentrate on the future. They also want to thank not only Jared and the Mill -- but the community for reaching out and helping all the victims in their time of need.

I would not be as good as I am right now without everyone's support, the support is more than I could ever ask for, Endres said.

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