HARRIS COUNTY, Texas Life Flight took a young woman to the hospital after someone shot her in the head outside a northwest Harris County home late Tuesday.

Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff s Office were called to Montclair Meadow Lane near Dayflower Drive around 9:25 p.m.

A neighbor, Fernando Garza, described what he heard Tuesday night a few doors down from his house.

He said when he got home from work he saw a suspicious car slowly drive by before he walked into his house.

We just heard four shots back to back, but we were already inside, Garza said.

Detectives said it was the girl s ex-boyfriend and his friend who returned to her home after a fight with her new boyfriend. Investigators said the ex-boyfriend shot her in the head.

Harris County Sheriff s Office deputies arrived to find the woman in critical condition.

The two suspects fled.

Deputies said after a short chase they arrested two men, Jesus Vasquez, who is thought to be the young woman s ex-boyfriend, and his alleged accomplice Larry Roberts.

Harris County Detectives did not give any details about the victim s condition.

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