DEER PARK, TEXAS - An office manager is out of a job after police say she went on a personal spending spree with her employer s credit card.

According to investigators, Kara Jean Huckaby, 38, stole more than $64,000 from Turnaround Logistics of Deer Park.

Deer Park police detective Jarrett Hill saidHuckaby used the company s credit card at stores like Victoria s Secret,PetSmart and Kohls.

The places she was shopping and the things she was buying was completely out of the realm of the business, said Hill. Everything from clothing, shoes, to household items.

Investigators also believe she wrote out company checks in her name and deposited them.

Police said the business owner discovered the crime when he hired a new employee to complete an audit.

According to police,Huckabyabruptly quit when she heard the audit was underway.

She has been charged with felony theft.

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