SAN ANTONIO -- The San Antonio Independent School District is investigating the conduct of one of its officers after an incident Tuesday afternoon. The officer is currently on leave while the district investigates.

The district said the student started arguing with the officer and at some point hit him in the head.

What happened afterwards is what was caught on cell phone video. Three different cell phone videos obtained by KENS5 show the officer struggling to subdue the girl.

Then, at some point one video shows what appears to be a punch thrown by the officer and landing on the girl s face.

I didn t think I was going to let the news know, but I thought Well I should because it s not right for the cop to do that, said Manuel Escamilla who said he witnessed the incident.

Manuel and his cousin Desiree said they both saw everything unfold and claim the officer went too far.

Yeah she was resisting arrest, but it still didn t give him a reason for him to throw a punch at her. That s not right for him to throw a punch at a female, said Manuel.

He went way too far, for a female like that, she was a young girl she was just trying to get off the bus, said Desiree.

What it tells us is we need to fully investigate this, said SAISD spokeswoman Leslie Price. We have one piece of video we ve been sent and that we are looking at and we want to fully understand what all occurred and put this all into context and understand if appropriate procedure was followed.

Price said the officer, who is a 4-year veteran, is now on leave while the district continues to investigate.

We would like the other videos that are out there. So, turn them into the principal, or someone in the district, but the more video the better because we fully want to understand what happened and we re doing a full investigation into this, said Price.

Meanwhile the district said the student was arrested for interfering with the duties of a public servant and assault on a public servant.

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