HOUSTON You might call her a thrill seeker or an adrenaline junkie, but Marsha Roberts calls herself the Houston Bucket Lister.

When I was really little, I would list things, says Roberts. Just compulsively.

Making lists and checking them off is just show Roberts lives, but this isn t a grocery list.

She has run with the bulls, gone zipining, and has traveled overseas to eat bugs offered by street vendors.

Roberts says she was inspired by The Amazing Race Host Phil Keoghan.

He had talked about how when people put something on a list, that makes them more apt to do it, says Roberts.

She didn t just write it down though. A few years ago, she put it in print, creating My big bucket book. The book has 38 separate lists.

She pays to do the activities but says many of them are free to the public.

Also, often times when people find out about her list, she says many folks generously donate their time and effort to help her dream happen.

I ate a few crazy things, drank some cobra venom, ate some bugs from the street vendor, says Roberts.

She says some of her most interesting adventures happened right here in Houston, however.

I realized one day that I had done more things in China, than I had in Houston, and I m born and raised Houstonian, said Roberts.

So she did the Galveston polar plunge, she met Mayor Annise Parker, and she even spent the night at a haunted hotel.

Did we mention she is a mother of five?

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