HOUSTON -- A first and second grade bilingual teacher at Tijerina Elementary School is out of the classroom and answering to troubling accusations.

A 10-year-old boy says Roman Zalasar began kissing him on the cheek in October of last year. According to documents, Zalasar began kissing the 5th grade boy on and inside the mouth.

Prosecutors say it escalated further when Zalasar touched the boy inappropriately over his clothes on multiple occasions.

It reportedly happened inside the classroom.

You send your kids to school and you trust on them to be good to them, said mother Griselda Montemayor. I hope it doesn t happen to my son, and I hope it never happens to nobody else.

The Harris County District Attorney s office says other two other students are also making accusations against Zalasar.

A spokesman said charges have not been filed in those cases because the accusations did not involve the same level of inappropriate touching.

As a parent you ve to look out for your kids, and you can t trust anyone until you put your stamp of approval on it. Even at that point, who really knows, said Scott Thompson, a parent who lives across the street from Zalasar.

Documents say the 10-year-old victim would serve as a helper for Zalasar after school.

Zalasar currently faces one count of indecency with a child.

Houston Independent School District released the followed statement to KHOU:

HISD is aware of the arrest of Tijerina Elementary School teacher Roman Zalasar for indecency with a child. Cooperating in the investigation that led to this arrest, HISD reassigned Zalasar to off-campus, non-classroom duties in December. At HISD the safety of all the students is top priority. The district takes these charges very seriously and will continue to work closely with law enforcement agencies. Counselors are available at the school for students as needed and all parents have been notified of this incident.

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