HOUSTON A pet kangaroo and three kinkajous were killed by a pack of dogs outside an exotic pet store in northeast Houston.

Suzett Stidom was devastated to find her kangaroo and one kinkajou dead after a Sunday night attack.

The kangaroo named Sydney was a cherished pet.

They actually ripped him out of the fence and killed him, Stidom said. They got him in the neck and in the ear and you know they were holding him by the throat.

The dogs came back again on Wednesday and killed two more kinkajous.

All we found were little body parts of the kinkajou and they had ripped them through the cage, Stidem said. And it was just a one-by-two wire, so you couldn t even get your hand in there.

The dogs didn t let a six-footfence around the property stop them.

They re just climbing it like a cat, Stidem said.

The animals were kept in heated cages between her S&S Exotic Animals store and her home nearby.

To lose something like that, it s like losing one of your kids, Stidom said.

She s left with a six-week-old kinkajou orphaned by the attacks.

Now she says she ll bring the animals inside. She has no other choice. But there s a bigger issue at hand.

I m afraid, like I said, once I have all my animals secured... are they gonna go hunting for kids? Stidom worries.

Grace Raymond Elementary is right down the street.

These dogs are running in a pack. And I ve contacted animal control and I think animal control, maybe they will bring me traps or do something, Stidem said.

We reached out to the Harris County Animal Control and the spokesperson got back to us saying they will deliver a dog trap to S&S either today or tomorrow.

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