HOUSTON -- New video has surfaced of the collision between a Hermann Park mini train and a car stopped on its tracks.

Twitter was abuzz with photos of the incident shortly after it occurred on Sunday afternoon.

On YouTube, Fort Bend resident Ian Dominguez uploaded video of the crash he shot while on-board.

Dominguez's video shows the train approaching the Honda Accord. As one passenger tells everyone to hold on, the train slams into the side of the car and then comes to an abrupt stop. While the train is considered mini, the impact was great enough to push the sedan against a curb and nearly onto its side.

Several children were shaken up by the incident, but no injuries were reported.

The incident remains under investigation.

Dominguez, who is a student at Austin High School, told KHOU 11 News he s always shooting video wherever he goes, and in this case it paid off.

Watch Ian s full video on YouTube:

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