Carson McCoy was only 13-years-old the first time he picked up a football and realized he had a unique talent.

A lot of my friends make fun of me because they're jealous they can't do it and the adults go crazy, which is insane, McCoy said.

For whatever reason, he jumped on a trampoline, aimed for a basketball goal about thirty yards away and just drained it.

Three years later, the Kerrville Tivy sophomore and his friends have mastered a unique mix of athletic skill, raw creativity and a little bit of persistence to pull off some incredible tricks with a football - All caught on camera.

I get one or two my friends and we get out 4 or 5 cameras and sometimes my iPhone and think, hey that would be a cool shot to make McCoy said.

Sometimes he can nail the shot on the first try, but McCoy admits it often takes several attempts. On some shots it takes 40 tries, but on average 20 to 25, he said.

While on the football field, this wide receiver might go for the big catch, but on his own time, McCoy is all about making incredible throws. Click to check out his video magic and epic trick shots here.

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