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HOUSTON Texans Coach Bill O Brien came in likea wrecking ball,firing the majority of his assistant coaches over the weekend.He might want to take a look at the team s sales department next.

Someone from sales apparently contacted fired Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips about renewing his season tickets. It was bad timing, to say the least.Phillips was among a long list of coaches let go by O Brien over the weekend.

Phillips responded Monday morning with the following tweet: To Texan suite sales-I am sorry, but because of recent changes I will Not renew my purchase of a suite. Hope u understand. Wade Phillips.

The Texansstill haven't confirmed officially that anyone wasfired, but Phillipstweeted his fate on Saturday and thanked Texans fans and the McNairs.

He also tweeted a message to his defensive players on Sunday: Proud of#BullsonParade 1st 2nd & 3rd best in franchise history. Great group of guys who never give up. I will mss u all!

Texans fans responded withmessages of supportfor Phillips, who uses the handle sonofbum.

Justin Kelm said: You are awesome! We have lost a good man and coach in you! I am scared of our new coach. Reminds me of Tony Soprano!

Ankit Kadakia tweeted: Thank you wade for introducing the bulls on parade defense to the texans! You made the texans a joy to watch for the last 3 years

And Jacob Bottorff had this to say: Thanks man for being awesome on defense and stepping up for kubes when he was out #wadeforpresident

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