HOUSTON -- Michele Frietsch, a mother of two, has a story she feels very strongly about sharing.

It touched me, Frietsch said. It was one of those moments when you re overwhelmed as a mom, and you re panicked. And somebody does something nice for you.

The story begins at a Kroger in Katy. It was the Monday after Thanksgiving, and the fridge was bare. Frietsch and her children drove 20 minutes to the store and began shopping for groceries. When she went to check out an hour and a half later, she discovered she had no wallet.

So there s the I have no card and no money panic, Frietsch said. And then there s the I have a cart full of groceries panic. Now what am I supposed to do?

Then something remarkable happened.

This woman just comes up and asks if she can swipe her card for me, Frietsch said.

Now we re not just talking about a carton of milk or some eggs. We re talking about $130 worth of groceries and the mystery woman refused to give her name.

She said don t worry about it. You have your kids here. Your cart s full. Just go home, enjoy the holidays and do it for someone else, Frietsch said.

In other words, pay it forward, which Frietsch fully intends to do.

If you can just show a little kindness, no matter who it is, I think it eventually works its way around, and that just makes everything better, Frietsch said.

If you would like to do something to Pay It Forward to someone in need or if you have a need with which you could use some help, please click here for more information.

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