HOUSTON For most families, it s tradition to decorate the Christmas tree together, but some would rather someone else do it.

That s where one local woman steps in to help you have that picture-perfect tree.

Every Christmas, people pay Peggy McGee to decorate their trees. She s really a real estate agent, but a decade ago, after she decorated some model homes this became a seasonal side business.

Margaret Matherne is throwing a big party this weekend so she decided to outsource her seasonal decorating.

I knew I needed a big tree, and I knew that it s a lot to undertake. And sometimes mine doesn t turn out quite so nice, so it was time to call in someone that could actually do it, she said.

The price for the yuletide work varies anywhere from $200 to $2,000.

But for people who would rather fix up their own Christmas trees, here s one little point of professional advice:

Plug in the lights before they re on the tree, McGee said.

She and her helpers also advise amateurs to hang stuff in order starting with the lights.

The way you really decorate a tree is in layers, she said.

Then the ribbons, next the bigger ornaments, and after that, the smaller ornaments, she said.

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