HOUSTON -- An HISD school principal has been arrested for shoplifting and banned for life from Macy s, but she claims it s all a misunderstanding.

It happened at Memorial City Mall on Sunday.

An attorney for Tammie Daily, 52, said she came to return some pants and while that was happening, she picked up some items including commemorative Christmas ornaments and a Polo cologne set.

She said she left the store and realized she hadn't paid just as store security came up.

She said the manager offered to let her pay, which she did, but police arrived and arrested her.

Daily is the principal at Shadydale Elementary in northeast Houston.

HISD issued this statement:

Following district policy, the principal immediately reported the incident to her direct supervisor. The principal has been temporarily reassigned pending the outcome of her hearing.

Daily did sign an agreement saying she would never shop at Macy's again. Her attorney says she's never even had a traffic ticket. She goes to court Friday. The value of the merchandise in question: $350.

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