BASTROPCOUNTY, Texas -- Relatives of a 17-year-old Cedar Creek High School student say he's in a coma after a school resource officer tased him.

It all started at the school on Wednesday when two girls started fighting.

It was these two girls that were fighting, and I guess the boyfriend broke it up. The cops went after the boyfriend, a senior at Cedar Creek High School told KVUE.

When the boy was resisting, that's when I guess one put out a baton, and the other one pulled out a taser and tasered him, he said.

According to the Bastrop County Sheriff's Office, a fight broke out in the hallway between two girls. Two sheriff's deputies, Randy McMillan and Timothy Stalcup, acting as school resource officers, tried to break it up.

Investigators say that's when 17-year-old Noe Nino De Rivera tried to interfere. McMillan ended up using a taser on the teen.

At first I didn't really get it. I thought people were playing, and then when I really heard it happen I was like wow, that's crazy, a student told KVUE.

Noe Nino de Rivera's family tells KVUE that he fell and hit his head. He has undergone at least one surgery, but he is still in a coma.

Deputy McMillan has been reassigned but is still on duty.

If and when de Rivera recovers, he could be facing several charges including resisting arrest and interfering with public duties.

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