HOUSTON -- The parents of a 7-month-old baby abandoned at a fire station want him back. The little boy's name is Juan.

He was dropped off at the station in the 5800 block of Pickfair Street in a stroller dressed in a red onesie.

It was August the 12, said Estella Olguin with CPS. He was taken to fire station 39.

A day later, the mother showed up in court during an emergency CPS hearing.

The 33-year-old told officials that she was suffering from postpartum depression and was afraid of stabbing her son.

The mother's boyfriend, the biological father told us later that he had no idea his girlfriend had dumped their child.

He still gets to visit with Juan and now wants custody. There's just one major problem.

The mother of the baby, she is still in the home with him, Olguin said. She still lives with him.

Until the mother lives somewhere else, he probably won't get his son back.

The fact that he came forward and said I am the father and the test results show he is the father, a lot more has to be done, Olguin said. We want to make sure that he is going back home to a safe home.

Juan's mother was never charged in the case.

She told us off camera that she can't separate from her boyfriend because he is helping her through the depression that caused her to abandon Juan August morning.

She's now taking medication, feels better and wants Juan back too.

The next court date in this case is set for January.

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