PASADENA, Texas Houston area schools are not taking any chances as they continue to deal with threats made via social media.

This time, a former Dobie High School student forced the Pasadena Independent School District to beef up security at one of their campuses. Even while local law enforcement and the FBI determined that Dobie was not the target, more security patrols were added as a precaution.

It is a scenario that puts schools on alert and makes students and parents jumpy.

One of my friends asked me did I hear about it, and I was like hear about what? And they was like that it was going to be a shooting, Briah Hightower, a student at Dobie, said.

With the rumors, the district made a school-wide announcement and posted a statement on Facebook.

They said that we would be safe, Royce Hunter, another Dobie student, said.

Officials said the threat targeted a former Dobie student, who attends a school in the Houston Independent School District.

My dad was like you can just leave, Briah Hightower, another Dobie student, said.

The message was also sent out to parents of Dobie students. However, some parents still removed their children from the school Monday.

You got Facebook. You got Twitter, Kik, Instagram... You got everything going on. So you tell me... is it hard for them to make a threat to this school? Ricky Pearson, a parent, said.

Tragedies like the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary and even January s shooting at a local Lone Star College campus make every possible threat worth serious attention.

I mean, it s been too much happening. Too many kids have been making these threats and following through on them... Kimberly Anderson, another parent, said.

Rumored violence also got officials attention at Houston s Madison High School. Rumor is why Dobie s principal asked for more security.

They said we re going to have cops. Have your ID s and they re not going to let anybody in outside the ordinary, Hunter said.

Many, satisfied with the warning and protection given, were content to stay on campus. However, administrators are anything but content with how rumor affects so much.

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